Tuesday, March 4, 2008

PvP and Me

So, not only did I give in and go ahead and start PvPing, but I now think I might be a full-fledged PvP addict. Yes, I get angry when I'm not winning and yes it can be frustrating when people are being stupid, but all in all, I've been having fun with it! No one is more surprised than I am.

Not only that, but I have my Gladiator's Quickblade and, after long and arduous AH farming, I have my Vindicator's Brand. Of course, right after I get those, Edge of the Cosmos drops out of Mech and THREE Blinkstrikes show up on the AH.

I haven't hit up Arathi Basin or Eye of the Storm since getting them, but I'm thinking it can only be an improvement. I've decided that I hate, hate, hate Warsong Gulch, because of a horrible match in which the other team simply refused to cap the flag and farmed kills instead. I didn't think we'd ever get out of there. Alterac Valley just takes forever to wait for. I only attempted one 2v2 Arena with Martin and we got killed in record time. I think, after some gearing, we'll try 3v3 with our Pally pal.

Meanwhile, I've made a comprehensive list of all of the pre-Kara upgrades I want to get and where to get them. This just means finding people willing to run things like Old Hillsbrad repeatedly until I get what I want. At least that one's easy. (Heh. Easy. I never thought I'd say that of an instance.) Not like running Heroic Mech. That...sucked.