Thursday, January 31, 2008

Exalted With the Dead

I've decided that my thunder chicken was just too bouncy a ride. Plus, it's silly. It squawks and preens itself and just doesn't look dignified enough for my newfound stature as a level 63 bringer of death. What to do?

Grind rep with the Undercity, of course, and get myself possibly the coolest ride in the game, a skelatal warhorse. It glows and leaves a ghostly flaming trail behind while I ride. It whinnies and bucks and screams spectrally whenever I get attacked while riding. It's just plain awesomeness. So, after two days of doing all of the starting quests in Deathknell, Brill and Silverpine, I gave up Giblet and got myself this, yet to be named, wonderhorse.

Super awesomeness all wrapped up in one glowingly good package. Of course, I stuck with the purple. Purple is nice and gives it that feminine touch.

Oh, and while I was snapping pictures last night, I just had to grab this one of Wot and his toreador outfit. High-leee-larious. He has a smokin' pimp-daddyness that just won't quit. I think, with as tight as those pants are, he must stow his soul shards in his shoulderpads.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blood Elf Loan Shark

In the last three days I have been asked, no less than three times, to lend money to a complete and total stranger. The first offense wasn't so egregious. A teen-ish leveled player asked to borrow a few silver. I politely informed him that he shouldn't go around asking complete strangers for money and told him that, no, I wasn't going to lend him any. The second offense bothered me a bit more as he was in his 30s level-wise so I asked him, quite reasonably, what sort of interest rate he wanted to agree upon. He laughed it off and withdrew the request.

The THIRD one, however, absolutely blew my mind and drove me right off of the deep end. A level 70 asked to borrow 35g from me. Now, I've made it all the way to 62, bought an epic mount by selling every Enchanting mat I had built up from the beginning and I'm barely scraping 60g right now. I also know that 70s have daily quests that they can do to make about 100g every single day if they just make the effort that, I'm told, takes all of about 30 minutes a day. I went off on the guy. I started by offering an interest rate of 25% a day, provided he had collateral, of course. Then, I admit, I harangued him for the next ten minutes about how unbelievable I found it that a 70 would sink so low as to come to a level 62 he didn't even know to try to bum money when he could be doing dailies that I don't EVEN HAVE ACCESS TO. As far as I'm concerned, he should try sitting next to the cockroach seller in Undercity and hold a "Will quest for food" sign. Needless to say, he eventually put me on ignore with a "kthxbai". I hate that crap. I hope he learned something, but somehow I doubt it.

I'm curious exactly how common this is. Amusingly enough, I was warned by various sources when I first started playing WoW, that as a female player and a female character I would be given all kinds of special treatment and "free gear" from male players. Now, I wouldn't even begin to exploit that (No, really!), but I haven't seen a single bit of evidence to support this. Not one slavering, sex-starved nerdboy has come up and tried to hand me a BoE Blue just to see me in my elfy skivvies. Yet, here I am, having freeloaders slither all up against me to try to borrow money. Do I look like a soft touch or something? NO, I won't be your mommy just because I have tits!

A guildie suggested that I set up a loansharking business. Start lending money for desperate Epic-seekers at outrageous rates. I could get a few Ogres to act as knee-breakers for me. A few goblins shylocks. Whaddaya think?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ms. Mojo Ridin'

So, Bourg gave me directions from Big Bear Butt Blog and I got myself a free Mojo! Check me out, all frogified!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Helping Hands

Lately we've been trying to help a couple of friends level their characters up to catch up with ours and Wot's. They're coming along quickly, a Shaman at 59 and a Paladin at 57, and will hopefully be joining us in Outland soon. To that end, though, we did a couple of instance runs this week. Sunken Temple, again, which went fairly well, all things considered, and Dire Maul, which had a moment or two of clusterfuck, a few moments of outright hilarity and one moment of steaming anger, but otherwise also went favorably. Of course, now that we're in Outland gear, all the nice leather starts dropping. Go figure. Also, now that I've changed to sword spec, all the nice daggers start dropping.

If I had to name one thing I learned this week...hrm...I think it's that Warlocks should not drink blue martinis before instance runs. Yeah. That'd be it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So we ran Ramparts tonight with a group from our guild. Really odd thing, since we had people playing alts, but I think I got lucky because the Rogue that was going with us had to play his alt Shaman for heals...which freed up the awesome Rogue gear drops for me! I managed to get Bracers of Finesse, Shifting Sash of Midnight, and Sure-Step Boots from the actual quest turn in. Not a bad haul for the evening. And the belt (eeeeeeee, the belt the belt!) is my very first actual piece of socketed gear!! I got two beeeeeeeyutiful shiny red baubles to go in it and I'm so excited! I even picked up a couple of other items to Disenchant and I can start throwing some Enchants around again.

I didn't think the run went that badly, except for two things. One, Martin's video card overheated (still not entirely sure why, we think it was power supply) and started beeping and flickering his monitor. Made it hard to finish, since he was tanking. Second, the last boss, Vazruden and his mount, was a hard fight. The first time we wiped and the healer, who didn't seem to have healed anybody during the fight, tried to take him on by himself. It went poorly. The second time, though, we managed to get our shit together and take his ass down. Score belt. Awwww, yeah.

The Grind

I spent most of yesterday running around Un'Goro trying to find small thorium veins so that I could work my way up to rich thorium veins so that I could work my way up to all of the fel iron that I keep seeing just lying around in Hellfire, taunting me with its money-making potential. I'm starting to see why Martin says they're going to address mining not scaling well with the new leveling speeds. I would have thought that the metals I needed would, naturally, show up around the level-appropriate areas that I'm exploring. Thing is, I'm in Outland, which is level-appropriate (61), and all I have are 300-level metals I can't get. So now I have to make mining trips back to Azeroth. Long, tedius, running-around trips that annoy the crap out of me that have the sole purpose of getting me to 300.

On the other trade note, I'm starting to think that Disenchanting for just mats really is more profitable. Especially since I can't sell my metals because Martin needs them for jewelcrafting. Unfortunately I still have to skill it up, or I can't DE the higher level greens/blues/epics. So many hard choices!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

494,000 XP???

Usually I don't pay attention to that little XP bar until it's almost full. Then I'll take a glance at it to see how far I have left to go. Last night, however, I noticed that, after all of my (admittedly mostly entertaining) questing in Hellfire Peninsula, that I was only about halfway through 60. I glanced at the bar and saw 494,000....whaaaaat? The XP needed between 59 and 60 was only, like, 175,000. Martin had said they'd made it much easier to level between 20 and 60, but apparently I didn't realize just how much so. Man, the push for 70 is going to be brutal at this rate.

Also, rare elites that need a full fuggin' group to take them and who just pop up randomly in the midst of a bunch of peaceful (ish) Helboars...hurt my brain. Fulgorge must've come around on us about five times last night. Martin and I couldn't take him and we tried again when Wot got there, but no go. Too bad, too, because he apparently drops some nice BoE blues. Unfortunately, he squishied us.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Epic Chicken

Or, as I like to call him, Giblet 2.0. With the auction of my banked enchanting mats (now I get to start collecting all over again), auctions of metal, Martin's contribution and, I later today found out, the contribution of our Warlock, I managed to buy my new chicken. I just wish they had them in black, but Martin says it's a PvP reward and I'd have to actually work for that. I settled for purple.

Do the Fel Reaver Stomp

I had my first close encounter with a Fel Reaver last night. I'm told it happens to everybody, but when it was said it sounded a lot like what you tell an impotent guy to make him feel better. Martin and I were killing orcs and managed to get ganged and killed. The second I get back and rezzed, a Fel Reaver stomps directly on my head. Squash, like a grape.

I don't even HAVE 6592 health!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Outland! Now with more Blood Elf!

So we finally made 58. I thought Martin was going to pop he was so excited. He actually seemed giddy about it. I believe the direct quote was "I'm back, bitches!". We made the dash to Outland directly after dinging in Eastern Plaguelands, talking Wot, the Warlock, into reluctantly coming with us. I don't think he digs Outland much before flying mount-time.

I picked up my first piece of Outland gear, which does far outstrip what I had previously been wearing. I also picked up my first items to be Disenchanted and got my first Lesser Planar Essence. Personally though, after a look around Outland to see that it's basically the same as the rest of the place, I'm more excited about 60 and finally getting my epic chicken. Giblet II, here I come! Ok, so I'm only 360g towards it, but I'll make it. I just skilled to small thorium, after all. After I supply Martin's jewel crafting, I'm free to go on selling on the AH and making that cash.

One thing I did like in Outland? The view.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Scholo Run

Last night we decided that we'd better do an instance run if we wanted to have a chance of busting out 58. Martin's been hot to hit Outland since he got me playing, so hitting 58 is huge for him. After some deliberation, Martin and the Warlock decided that Scholomance, though a tad high, was our best bet for quest XP stacking. I just go where I'm told, so I agreed, if we could find some more people. Some poking at the guild channel netted us the guild leader's alt 66 Pally to do heals and a level 70 Hunter with a pet to tank. No sweat, right?

It wasn't as easy as that, turns out. From the outset we had problems with aggro and pulling too many mobs at once. Our Warlock must've died ten times, but then he does have a sort of kamikaze tendency to dash in and see what happens. It can be hilarious. Like shooting the rat running directly in front of a group of mobs we've yet to pull. He's definitely our Leroy Jenkins of the group. Martin's Druid died about three times, but then he was tanking when the Hunter pet wasn't, so that's about par, I guess. I think I croaked it three times or so, too. One I know wasn't remotely my fault and one I know was completely me. I managed to stand in a green gas cloud until I died, not understanding the annoyed calls of "Get out of the cloud!". Very newbie mistake. I don't know the count on the Pally and Hunter's deaths, but I'm pretty sure everyone got offed at some point.

Still, it got me 10k off of 58 and I did get some awfully nice gear, like Silent Fang and Mirah's Song, and a whole ton of stuff to Disenchant. I ended up with a collection of Large Brilliants. Now I just need some Large Radiant to do the enchants on the new swords.
Next stop, Outland! I'm told there's gold in them there hills. (There are hills, right?)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Newbie...or Noob?

I'm a long-time gamer, I suppose you could say. I've been RPing off and on for about 12 years now. Is that a long time? Anyway, it has introduced me to a lot of interesting people (my fiance, for instance) and a lot of somewhat scary and annoying types, as well. For the most part, though, I would say that I've had fun.

But for all my time spent playing those games, I never touched an RPG vidoe game, much less even thought of playing an MMORPG. I never had a computer or a connection that could hold up to the strain. I knew that my fiance played a game called World of Warcraft before I met him and I also knew that, at times, it drove me nuts that he was so wrapped up in it. He said I'd understand once he got me to play it, something I laughed off at the time. I wasn't going near the thing.

Two years down the road, though, and we're living together, and I get a good look at this thing called WoW. It's pretty. It's engaging. It's...bloody! Be still my heart! So, I agree to give it a test-run on a 14 day trial account. Long story short, fourteen days has turned into two months of play and still going strong.

My Blood Elf Rogue, now a level 56, is gratifyingly hacky-slashy with plenty of battle grunts and screams and spurts of blood when she gets going. My fiance, after a quick trip through Blood Elfiness with a Priest, decided to roll a Tauren Druid (you can find his comments on the game at Dire Aquatic Form ). We've found a fun, helpful guild in Dominus Nihil and a nice group of very quirky people to level with. I've found a new hobby so absorbing that occasionally laundry goes un-folded and dinner is late to the table.

So, hereafter, I shall transcribe all of my game-related experiences, thoughts and feelings and we'll all get to see what it is to go from the absolutely greenest of greens to, hopefully, ripe with the fullness of experience...and pwnage.