Thursday, January 31, 2008

Exalted With the Dead

I've decided that my thunder chicken was just too bouncy a ride. Plus, it's silly. It squawks and preens itself and just doesn't look dignified enough for my newfound stature as a level 63 bringer of death. What to do?

Grind rep with the Undercity, of course, and get myself possibly the coolest ride in the game, a skelatal warhorse. It glows and leaves a ghostly flaming trail behind while I ride. It whinnies and bucks and screams spectrally whenever I get attacked while riding. It's just plain awesomeness. So, after two days of doing all of the starting quests in Deathknell, Brill and Silverpine, I gave up Giblet and got myself this, yet to be named, wonderhorse.

Super awesomeness all wrapped up in one glowingly good package. Of course, I stuck with the purple. Purple is nice and gives it that feminine touch.

Oh, and while I was snapping pictures last night, I just had to grab this one of Wot and his toreador outfit. High-leee-larious. He has a smokin' pimp-daddyness that just won't quit. I think, with as tight as those pants are, he must stow his soul shards in his shoulderpads.

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