Sunday, January 20, 2008

494,000 XP???

Usually I don't pay attention to that little XP bar until it's almost full. Then I'll take a glance at it to see how far I have left to go. Last night, however, I noticed that, after all of my (admittedly mostly entertaining) questing in Hellfire Peninsula, that I was only about halfway through 60. I glanced at the bar and saw 494,000....whaaaaat? The XP needed between 59 and 60 was only, like, 175,000. Martin had said they'd made it much easier to level between 20 and 60, but apparently I didn't realize just how much so. Man, the push for 70 is going to be brutal at this rate.

Also, rare elites that need a full fuggin' group to take them and who just pop up randomly in the midst of a bunch of peaceful (ish) Helboars...hurt my brain. Fulgorge must've come around on us about five times last night. Martin and I couldn't take him and we tried again when Wot got there, but no go. Too bad, too, because he apparently drops some nice BoE blues. Unfortunately, he squishied us.

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