Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Grind

I spent most of yesterday running around Un'Goro trying to find small thorium veins so that I could work my way up to rich thorium veins so that I could work my way up to all of the fel iron that I keep seeing just lying around in Hellfire, taunting me with its money-making potential. I'm starting to see why Martin says they're going to address mining not scaling well with the new leveling speeds. I would have thought that the metals I needed would, naturally, show up around the level-appropriate areas that I'm exploring. Thing is, I'm in Outland, which is level-appropriate (61), and all I have are 300-level metals I can't get. So now I have to make mining trips back to Azeroth. Long, tedius, running-around trips that annoy the crap out of me that have the sole purpose of getting me to 300.

On the other trade note, I'm starting to think that Disenchanting for just mats really is more profitable. Especially since I can't sell my metals because Martin needs them for jewelcrafting. Unfortunately I still have to skill it up, or I can't DE the higher level greens/blues/epics. So many hard choices!

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