Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blood Elf Loan Shark

In the last three days I have been asked, no less than three times, to lend money to a complete and total stranger. The first offense wasn't so egregious. A teen-ish leveled player asked to borrow a few silver. I politely informed him that he shouldn't go around asking complete strangers for money and told him that, no, I wasn't going to lend him any. The second offense bothered me a bit more as he was in his 30s level-wise so I asked him, quite reasonably, what sort of interest rate he wanted to agree upon. He laughed it off and withdrew the request.

The THIRD one, however, absolutely blew my mind and drove me right off of the deep end. A level 70 asked to borrow 35g from me. Now, I've made it all the way to 62, bought an epic mount by selling every Enchanting mat I had built up from the beginning and I'm barely scraping 60g right now. I also know that 70s have daily quests that they can do to make about 100g every single day if they just make the effort that, I'm told, takes all of about 30 minutes a day. I went off on the guy. I started by offering an interest rate of 25% a day, provided he had collateral, of course. Then, I admit, I harangued him for the next ten minutes about how unbelievable I found it that a 70 would sink so low as to come to a level 62 he didn't even know to try to bum money when he could be doing dailies that I don't EVEN HAVE ACCESS TO. As far as I'm concerned, he should try sitting next to the cockroach seller in Undercity and hold a "Will quest for food" sign. Needless to say, he eventually put me on ignore with a "kthxbai". I hate that crap. I hope he learned something, but somehow I doubt it.

I'm curious exactly how common this is. Amusingly enough, I was warned by various sources when I first started playing WoW, that as a female player and a female character I would be given all kinds of special treatment and "free gear" from male players. Now, I wouldn't even begin to exploit that (No, really!), but I haven't seen a single bit of evidence to support this. Not one slavering, sex-starved nerdboy has come up and tried to hand me a BoE Blue just to see me in my elfy skivvies. Yet, here I am, having freeloaders slither all up against me to try to borrow money. Do I look like a soft touch or something? NO, I won't be your mommy just because I have tits!

A guildie suggested that I set up a loansharking business. Start lending money for desperate Epic-seekers at outrageous rates. I could get a few Ogres to act as knee-breakers for me. A few goblins shylocks. Whaddaya think?

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