Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Newbie...or Noob?

I'm a long-time gamer, I suppose you could say. I've been RPing off and on for about 12 years now. Is that a long time? Anyway, it has introduced me to a lot of interesting people (my fiance, for instance) and a lot of somewhat scary and annoying types, as well. For the most part, though, I would say that I've had fun.

But for all my time spent playing those games, I never touched an RPG vidoe game, much less even thought of playing an MMORPG. I never had a computer or a connection that could hold up to the strain. I knew that my fiance played a game called World of Warcraft before I met him and I also knew that, at times, it drove me nuts that he was so wrapped up in it. He said I'd understand once he got me to play it, something I laughed off at the time. I wasn't going near the thing.

Two years down the road, though, and we're living together, and I get a good look at this thing called WoW. It's pretty. It's engaging. It's...bloody! Be still my heart! So, I agree to give it a test-run on a 14 day trial account. Long story short, fourteen days has turned into two months of play and still going strong.

My Blood Elf Rogue, now a level 56, is gratifyingly hacky-slashy with plenty of battle grunts and screams and spurts of blood when she gets going. My fiance, after a quick trip through Blood Elfiness with a Priest, decided to roll a Tauren Druid (you can find his comments on the game at Dire Aquatic Form ). We've found a fun, helpful guild in Dominus Nihil and a nice group of very quirky people to level with. I've found a new hobby so absorbing that occasionally laundry goes un-folded and dinner is late to the table.

So, hereafter, I shall transcribe all of my game-related experiences, thoughts and feelings and we'll all get to see what it is to go from the absolutely greenest of greens to, hopefully, ripe with the fullness of experience...and pwnage.

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