Friday, January 18, 2008

Outland! Now with more Blood Elf!

So we finally made 58. I thought Martin was going to pop he was so excited. He actually seemed giddy about it. I believe the direct quote was "I'm back, bitches!". We made the dash to Outland directly after dinging in Eastern Plaguelands, talking Wot, the Warlock, into reluctantly coming with us. I don't think he digs Outland much before flying mount-time.

I picked up my first piece of Outland gear, which does far outstrip what I had previously been wearing. I also picked up my first items to be Disenchanted and got my first Lesser Planar Essence. Personally though, after a look around Outland to see that it's basically the same as the rest of the place, I'm more excited about 60 and finally getting my epic chicken. Giblet II, here I come! Ok, so I'm only 360g towards it, but I'll make it. I just skilled to small thorium, after all. After I supply Martin's jewel crafting, I'm free to go on selling on the AH and making that cash.

One thing I did like in Outland? The view.

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