Thursday, January 17, 2008

Scholo Run

Last night we decided that we'd better do an instance run if we wanted to have a chance of busting out 58. Martin's been hot to hit Outland since he got me playing, so hitting 58 is huge for him. After some deliberation, Martin and the Warlock decided that Scholomance, though a tad high, was our best bet for quest XP stacking. I just go where I'm told, so I agreed, if we could find some more people. Some poking at the guild channel netted us the guild leader's alt 66 Pally to do heals and a level 70 Hunter with a pet to tank. No sweat, right?

It wasn't as easy as that, turns out. From the outset we had problems with aggro and pulling too many mobs at once. Our Warlock must've died ten times, but then he does have a sort of kamikaze tendency to dash in and see what happens. It can be hilarious. Like shooting the rat running directly in front of a group of mobs we've yet to pull. He's definitely our Leroy Jenkins of the group. Martin's Druid died about three times, but then he was tanking when the Hunter pet wasn't, so that's about par, I guess. I think I croaked it three times or so, too. One I know wasn't remotely my fault and one I know was completely me. I managed to stand in a green gas cloud until I died, not understanding the annoyed calls of "Get out of the cloud!". Very newbie mistake. I don't know the count on the Pally and Hunter's deaths, but I'm pretty sure everyone got offed at some point.

Still, it got me 10k off of 58 and I did get some awfully nice gear, like Silent Fang and Mirah's Song, and a whole ton of stuff to Disenchant. I ended up with a collection of Large Brilliants. Now I just need some Large Radiant to do the enchants on the new swords.
Next stop, Outland! I'm told there's gold in them there hills. (There are hills, right?)

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Ratshag said...

Yeah, running a dungeon with such a variation in aggro radiuseses can be a challenge. Good fer you's fer hangin' in there and gettin' some loots.