Tuesday, February 5, 2008


So, yeah. If you read my fiance's blog, Dire Aquatic Form, then you already know. I logged at around midnight Friday, watched Buffy with Martin and then crashed, all happy with the world...woke up Saturday morning to a character that had been raped and pillaged quite thoroughly. And my alts deleted, including the awesome new Mage I was working on.

My bank, including all of my bags, was pretty much emptied. My inventory was reamed. Even my brand new skeletal warhorse was gone. Thankfully, they left me in the gear I had on, even though they'd changed out my rings. Friends said they saw me popping in and out of Slave Pens all night and, when they tried to talk to "me", they were told to "fuck off" and other interesting things. I think they got an idea it wasn't me. The hackers left me in Coilfang Reservoir with about a millisecond of breath left, so that was fun. They'd been mining on my character all night, too, as my mining was up to 375 (from about 330) and there was a stack of 10 adamantite in my bag. My XP was up by about 100,000, my gear was worn and needing repair and my bag had 89 flash powders in it. Obviously some hijinx had ensued.

We regained control of the account and scanned this computer six ways from Sunday with, like, three different programs and came up with nothing. No keyloggers, no Trojans...zip. I'm the picture of internet safety. I visit the same five or six news, blogs and comic sites a day, nothing shady. I don't even open attachments on my sister's emails, for goodness sake! No idea how they managed to do this to me, I just hope like hell that it doesn't happen again.

Now the thing to do is wait to see what, if anything, Blizzard restores to me. I've talked to account services, I've talked to GMs, I've got emails in. Everyone says I have to just wait. Meanwhile, though I was told it was fine to play, I have nowhere to keep all of my stuff. My bags are full, my bank space is nil since those bags are gone and I'm concerned that, if I buy temporary bags, they just won't put back in my former BIG bags. And if I put my new stuff in the bank, where will the old stuff go? My guild and friends have been great in trying to lend me money and give me items until it gets sorted, but until I know what I'm getting back, I don't want to take anything from anyone. I'm starting to think I should just stop playing...for a while, anyway.

Yes, I feel violated, I feel nervous and paranoid and I have no trust anymore. Blah, blah, blah, whine, whine and all that. Since the idiot made a banker alt, that he left friended on my account until he got sick of my saying "HI!" all the time and deleted it, I know he plays somewhere. I keep wondering, as I run around playing, if people I pass could be the guy, laughing up his sleeve at me. A Night Elf passed me yesterday and, inexplicably, stopped and waved and gave hugs and things and, while it could have been someone I know on an ally alt, I couldn't help thinking, what if it's him?

Blah, at least the weather matches my mood. Crappy. I need chocolate.

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