Thursday, February 7, 2008


This morning I logged into WoW and found my character in a place I didn't leave the bank. I checked the bank and "Whaaaa?" there's a ton of stuff I don't recognize. My inventory is filled with 158 adamantite and 158 Arcane Dust. I freaked and called Martin while he was driving in to work, absolutely certain I'd caught the hackers in my account again, only this time in the process. However, while I was talking to Martin, I hit my mail and realized that it was Blizzard Staff that had done it, and had also filled my mail up with the rest of the things I was missing. Relief!

I didn't get things back precisely as they were, but near enough that I'm happy about it. They seem to have given me all of the things the hackers mined with my character, like the ore and a ton of gems I didn't have before. I also got a bunch of BoE blues that the hacker had picked up. I used one (it was nice) and the others will be given to my leveling partners or will be DE'd for shards. I got back my Mojo and my horsie, so I'm happy, even if miscellaneous shit is still missing. It's only stuff that's super-common an easily gotten. I got back all my enchant formulas I hadn't learned and even the quest items that had been deleted. The only thing I was miffed about was that only two of my bags were returned. I went and bought a bunch more on the AH and filled out my bank, including going ahead and buying up the last two slots because, oh my god, I have too much stuff.

In other news, Martin and I ran Black Rock Depths about 6 times last night until we got the Fiery Weapon Enchant to drop. That took a while, but now I have a nice glowy firefly ass again, thanks to my sword being all firey. We also got a ton of Dark Iron Ale so we could get jubling eggs. Next up, Outland instances!

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Donovan said...

I'm glad to hear you got your stuff back!
Tell Martin to put a link to your blog on the list of blogs on his, I can only find yours by scrolling back through his entries:)